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BeeHeard is a UserVoice-like feedback component for Joomla!

Create Suggestions, Post Comments, Vote and much more...

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Update Information

To upgrade to the latest version you need to log in with the user account you used to purchase the component.  Once logged in, you will notice a new menu item appear titled, "My Orders".  Accessing this menu item will list the items you have purchased and the link to the latest available version.  If you were not logged in during your purchase, you need to email me at supplying me with your name, email address used during purchase and username of newly created account.  With this information I can verify your order and append your username to the purchase order so that when you log in you can access the latest version.

In addition, during development cycles, updates on the progress of fixes to specific bugs and feature enhancements will be announced via twitter.  The most recent tweets are displayed in the module to the left titled, "Twitter Feed."  Therefore, follow the twitter feed for cmstactics to have the latest information on the progress for the next release.  If you notice of a fix or feature enhancement which you feel is crucial to your site, then a unofficial release of the component can be sent to you to address your needs.  Send a message to specifying what bug has been fixed or feature has been added that caught your attention and a pre-release beta version can be packaged and sent to you.

Site Feedback

We've setup a feedback forum so you can tell us what's on your mind to better this site.

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Supply us with your suggestions on features you would like to see implemented for BeeHeard.

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