Change Log

Version Released
1.5.3 2010-10-19
- Added option for a Rich Text Editor. With this feature it resulted in increasing the length of characters for category description, suggestion description and comment text which is a feature many have requested.
- Added reCAPTCHA when entering Suggestions or Comments as Guest user. In the Configurations if you enter the public and private keys it will activate the reCAPTCHA for Guest users. For more information on reCAPTCHA visit
- Added functionality to allow whether or not users want to be notified via email and still allowing them to supply their email address. In previous version it was determined by the email address if entered, it would automatically send a notification email when a suggestion was posted. Now users can input email address and turn on/off notifications. This also fixed a bug in which when a user when back to edit their suggestion, it would always default the Email Notification option back to Yes even if it was set to No previously.
- Added option to display the created date for the suggestion in category details view/suggestions list after Created by user. Now can display “Created by User on July 04, 2010”.
- Added count of total suggestions and new suggestions to moderator’s category list view.
- Added “back to the list of categories” link in category details and filtered lists of suggestions.
- Added User’s Email Address and Email Notification setting to suggestion edit view.
- Added number of comments as an entry in each suggestions row in the list view.
Bug Fixes:
- Tab/spacing of list of categories when a parent category with child categories was unpublished.
- Prevent from assigning category as its own parent category while editing a category.
- Prevent blank suggestion title, suggestion description and comment to be entered.
- Allowing suggestions/comments created by users to be edited/deleted was sometimes not being allowed due to conflict with earlier feature for integration with third-party social networking components.
- Fixed comment edit where it didn’t show the comment to edit due to conflict with pagination feature.
- Made a few changes to removed deprecated PHP functions as of version 5.3.
1.5.2 2010-04-26
- Fixed "controller" file inclustion security vulnerability.
1.5.1 2010-04-01
- Added option to use third-party commenting components which include JComments, !JoomlaComment and JomComment as BeeHeard's commenting framework. Integrating with JComments or !JoomlaComment requires saving a couple of files manually therefore instructions and files can be found here whereas JomComment doesn't require any additional files since it is handled automatically as long as JomComment and BeeHeard version 1.5 are installed.
- Enhanced readability of backend views’ lists by adding parent category name, suggestion title, user name to Categories, Suggestions, Comments and Votes view.
- Fixed bug that would not allow you to change the user id of the creator of the suggestion, category or comment in the backend. You can now reassign an item to another user. For instance, someone posted something as Guest and now wants it under their registered username.
- Added option to remove the Category, Suggestion Title, Suggestion Description in the suggestion details view where it lists the comments.
- Added option to display the total number and new number of suggestions in the category’s list underneath each category's description.
- Added pagination (allows list to be separated into different pages) to the list of suggestions and to the list of comments (if using BeeHeard’s own commenting framework). The number of items to list is determined by Joomla’s List Length setting in Global Configuration. This speeds up the load of the page by not needing to retrieve all suggestions or comments upon load but only the limit set in the configurations.
- Added language files to support Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Italian translations of the component.
1.4.4 2010-02-23 - Added functionality to display user's name or username depending on the format specified in the configurations for either Jom Social or Community Builder. Now if you don't use any of those great social networking components then you still of the option to display the user's name or username.
- Option to display or hide the copyright in the footer of the component.
- Added the "Rejected" status label for suggestions.
- Added the feature to display the number of categories and the number of suggestions for the Top, New, Accepted, Work in Progress, Rejected, and Completed items in the top navigation menu if enabled.
- Added a little bit of CSS to make the top navigation tab display the current tab by making it pop up a little bit.
- Fixed the Allow Suggestions when creating a new category in the back-end to default to 'Yes'.
- And finally a major improvement that has been in the pipeline from the beginning of this component but has not been implemented until the release of the Lite version to differentiate it in a major way is the ability to allow the users to vote and report while filtering the suggestions by the different status labels. Also, front-end moderators are allowed to edit and delete suggestions while filtering as well.
1.4.3 2010-01-18
- Added French and German site language files. Backend support is still not yet completed.
- Fixed a few CSS items.
1.4.2 2010-01-05 - Fixed security vulnerability throughout the component's code preventing SQL query injections.
1.4.1 2009-11-24
- Added functionality to allow URL links to be clickable in a suggestion’s details. Courtesy of Roberto Carreón from
- Fix the consistency of the vote link to be Search Engine Friendly.
- Added option to list subcategories of a category in the category’s details view.
- Added months for created date to language files for translation.
- Added created date to suggestion details.
- Added messages for reporting suggestions and comments as spam, duplicate, or inappropriate.
- Added a character counter to display and restrict number of characters for suggestion title, suggestion details and comment text.
- Fixed an issue regarding future feature of pagination (refers to dividing a document into multiple pages) causing the categories, suggestions and comments list to only display twenty items.
- Added option to enable/disable suggestions for a specific category. This feature is intended to prevent suggestions to be entered in a parent category that has several depths of subcategories.
- Made all columns sortable for Categories, Suggestions, Comments and Votes tables in the backend.
1.4 2009-10-30
- Have option to display the Details word following the category in the list of suggestions view.
- Added a new line between the category’s description and the Enter New Suggestion/Register or Login to submit a suggestion! due to having more space when the category’s description is really long.
- Added the options to display a suggestion’s status, display the word “Status” preceding the status and hiding the status of “None” if desired.
- Fixed editing suggestion/comment issue where admin overrides the user’s username who created the suggestion.
- Fixed vote count conflict with guest and users with same IP address.
- Added functionality to move suggestion to another category in the backend.
- Added functionality to move comment to another suggestion in backend.
- Fixed the stripping of html elements when suggestion is being updated.
- Added upgrade/install file to override database structure when new features are added that require database structure changes.
- Added functionality for registered users and guest to receive email notifications listing comments posted to their suggestions if allowed by parameter settings. Registered users are allowed to edit that option
whereas guests are not. Administrators can customize the contents of the email.
- Added the option for specified user group levels to receive email notifications when suggestions and comments are entered to BeeHeard. In order for users in specified user levels to receive emails, the Receive
System E-mails option must be set to ‘Yes’ for users. This option is available in the User Details in User Manager for each user.
- Added functionality to return votes to users and close voting when a suggestions reaches a specific status set in the params.
- Added parameter to customize the closed/disabled voting label. The default is blank but can be customized to display “Closed” or “Disabled” when a user runs out of votes or the suggestion reached the disabled voting status.
1.3 2009-10-15
- Changed directory structure for language files to meet standard.
- Fixed module position conflict with component that resulted with older php versions.
- Fixed bug when trying to add a new suggestion or comment in backend only where it didn't recognize the value of a variable since it didn't exist yet.
1.2 2009-10-13
- Fixed display of total category votes as zero if no votes exist for that category when in a
suggestions details and it shows suggestion votes out of category votes.
- Changed the footer link to direct to instead of
- Allow html tags in suggestion description and comments if allowed in configurations.
- Added English language files for both the site and administration.
- Created Spanish language files.
- Enhanced the install message with directions to save configurations before using component.
1.1 2009-10-06
- Allow users to remove votes from previously voted suggestions when they reached their voting limit.
- Added elements to theme.css file to allow user customization of the styling.
1.0 2009-10-01

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