Any user level can be set up to allow administration/moderation from the front end. For instance, you can have the Publisher user level and above to Super Administrator be allowed access to administer the component's content. No need to log into the backend (administration area) for making little tweaks to the content, do it from the front end where you can see the changes take place. All moderation functions are still allowed from the backend as well.

The allowed user levels can add new, change the published status, change the order, and edit the categories. They can submit and edit/delete suggestions and comments all in the front end of the site.

Administrators can now be assigned a category to administer. This is good for sites who want to supply a feedback for items listed by others. They can edit the category title and description only.

User Restrictions

Specify whether registered users or guests are allowed to submit suggestions, vote on suggestions, and submit comments. Also, allow users who submitted suggestions and/or comments to be allowed to edit or delete their own suggestions and/or comments.

Voting Restrictions

Restrict how many votes a registered user and a guest are able to submit per category.

Return votes to users and disable voting for suggestions that reach a specific status.

Navigation Options

The option to have a navigation menu at the top of the component is available. The available menu items/filters are Categories, Top, New, Accepted, Rejected, Work in Progress and Completed. Any of them can be enabled/disabled to meet your preference. The Categories menu returns the user back to the categories list view. Top displays a list of the suggestions in that category in order of most votes. The New filter lists the suggestions that meet the new criteria established in the parameters (ie, 15 days). Rejected, Accepted, Work in Progress and Completed are filters that list the suggestions that meet that status. The option to display the number of suggestions for each item in the navigation menu tabs is available.


Users are allowed to report suggestions and comments as spam, duplicate or inappropriate and you are notified in the backend where you can delete the reported item or unmark the reported tag. This will save you time from overseeing all content submitted to this feedback system.

Users are allowed the option to receive email notifications of comments posted to their suggestions.

Specified user levels can receive email notifications of suggestions and comments created.

Social Networks

Currently, BeeHeard is integrated to support JomSocial and CommunityBuilder components. When a user is logged in and they have a profile with either social networking component, their username is used as well as their avatar in the comments section of the component. The option to link to their profile is available.

Commenting System

The next release of BeeHeard will have the option of using BeeHeard's own commenting system or your choice of JComments, !JoomlaComment or JomComment as the commenting system. The plugins and components are needed in order for this option to work properly.

Add Ons

BeeHeard Feedback Module

- Display most recent or top voted suggestions from all or a specific category in a module.

BeeHeard Feedback Link Module

- Display a link to the component's category list or a specific category in a module.

BeeHeard Activity Stream for Jom Social

- Display a users activity of suggestions and comments created appear in their profile for Jom Social.

BeeHeard Activity Stream for Community Builder

- Display a users activity of suggestions and comments created appear in their profile for Community Builder.



Global Configurations

Default Value
- Display Subcategories Yes
- Front End Moderation User Level
(Miminum user level to be able to moderate)
Super Administrator
- Suggestion User Level Registered
- Comment User Level Public
- Vote User Level Registered
- Suggestion Title Length 50
- Suggestion Description Length: 250
- Display Suggestion Description Counter Yes
- Comment Length: 250
- Display Comment Counter Yes
- Select Social Network Component
(None, JomSocial, CommunityBuilder)
- Standard Display Name Format Username or Name
- Enable Intro Message Text Yes
- Customize Intro Message Text
- Allow HTML in Suggestion Description Yes
- Allow HTML in Comment Text Yes
- Display Suggestion Status Yes
- Display Suggestion Status if 'None' Yes
- Display the Word 'Status' Yes
- Display the Word 'Details' Yes
- Display the Copyright Yes

Registered User Options Default Value
- Allow to Edit their Suggestions Yes
- Allow to Delete their Suggestions No
- Allow to Edit their Comments Yes
- Allow to Delete their Comments No
- Allow Registered Users to Receive
Email Notifications
Guest User Options
- Allow Guest Users to Receive
Email Notifications


Voting Options Default Value
- Guest User Vote Count: Default 3
- Registered User Vote Count: Default 10
- Suggestion Status to Return Users' Votes
and Disable Voting
- Disable Voting Label Closed
- Vote Box Background Color: Default #CCCCCC
- Previous Vote Background Color: Default #F4940C


Navigation Bar Options Default Value
- Display Categories Yes
- Display Top Yes
- Display New Yes
- Display Accepted Yes
- Display Work in Progress Yes
- Display Rejected Yes
- Display Completed Yes
- Number of days for New Item: 15 Days
- Menu Background Color: #CCCCCC
- Menu Bottom Border Color: #CCCCCC

Email Notification Options Default Value
- Email Subject
Notification from BeeHeard
- Optional Message Body

You are receiving the following notification sent via BeeHeard.
- Suggestion Notification User Level

Super Administrator*
- Comment Notification User Level Super Administrator*
*Receive System E-mails must be set to "Yes" for users in order to receive email notifications from BeeHeard.
This option is available in the User Details in User Manager for each user.

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