Thanks for supplying feedback to the site using BeeHeard. Below is a list of categories and their corresponding descriptions. Click on a category or sub category to see the suggestions, votes and comments. Supply your feedback now.

  • Demo
    Test out the functionality of BeeHeard before downloading the Lite version or purchasing the Full version.
    248 Total Suggestions
  • BeeHeard
    BeeHeard extension suggestions. If there are subcategories that better fit your suggestion, please use the subcategories. If you would like to request a subcategory for the BeeHeard category then you may suggest it here.
    0 Total Suggestions
    • Feature Requests
      Suggest any new features to make BeeHeard better.
      46 Total Suggestions
    • Report Bugs
      List any bugs found on BeeHeard.
      16 Total Suggestions
  • BeeHeard Lite
    BeeHeard Lite suggestions.
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    • Feature Requests
      BeeHeard Lite feature requests should be posted here.
      14 Total Suggestions
    • Report Bugs
      BeeHeard Lite bugs should be reported here.
      2 Total Suggestions
  • BeeHeard Site
    Help supply information on the BeeHeard site.
    25 Total Suggestions